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Uniting Western North Carolina

Influencing Local Elections

Local elections depend on the participation of good people. We aim to educate and motivate the citizens of Western North Carolina.

Caring About Community

It’s important to us that MACPAC leads by example in our community through charitable work and a giving heart.

Protecting the Individual

Growing regulations and rising taxes take freedom away from you, the individual. It’s our mission to restore individual liberties. 

Training Activists

Trained and activated citizens are crucial to keeping local government accountable. We offer free trainings to get you involved.

A Look at the Issues

MACPAC Meet & Greet
  • Lower Taxes

    We firmly believe that the individual has a right to the product of their labors. Hard-working Mountain Area Citizens have enough to deal with – affording a cost of living that has far outpaced wages and jobs in the area – without having to spend a large portion of their paycheck on higher taxes. It’s extremely important that local governments make taxes and fees as low as possible. Their duty is to the people they serve.

  • Individual Freedom

    The individual should be free. How they live their life, how they spend their money, and how they use their property are all sides of the same coin. This is why taxation, regulation, and fees have such a detrimental impact on the citizenry.

    It’s our mission to work with elected officials, non-profits, and engaged citizens to adhere to these principles.

  • The Bill of Rights

    Often times, organizations will cherry-pick which fundamental rights they like to support. That’s not us. We believe that all Constitutional rights should apply equally. That’s why we openly support:

    • Freedom of Speech
    • Gun Rights
    • States’ Rights
    • & Everything In-between
  • Elected Official Accountability

    Everyone is familiar with campaign promises and how often they are followed through on. While we strive to build relationships with elected officials, we do not shy away from speaking our mind against even the greatest friend of MACPAC.

    MACPAC also promises to provide solutions, not just contrarian viewpoints for the sake riling up our base. If you see MACPAC actively engaged in an issue, you will also see a well laid-out alternative path for elected officials to embrace.


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  • How can i become a member

    MACPAC is formed of members just like you. There’s no membership card or requirement, we just want you involved!

    If you support what we are doing, we encourage you to give even the smallest donation to help us keep advancing the cause of rural North Carolina.

  • Who can join MACPAC?

    Absolutely anyone. If you believe in maintaining the traditional values of low taxes, property rights, and self-sufficiency held by rural North Carolinians for decades, you’ve found the right organization.

    We are open to people of all political affiliations and parties.

  • Are there regular meetings?

    No membership dues and no regular meetings. However, we do meet and greet events around the Mountain-area of North Carolina as interest builds. Join our email list and keep an eye out for a meeting near you!

  • How can I get involved?

    Getting involved can be as simple as talking to your neighbor. MACPAC also plugs volunteers into local activism events and service activities. Contact Tim at to get plugged in!



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